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FAQ - Frequency Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common queries directed at the Doctors-Look website. These frequently asked questions (FAQ) sheet answers all your inquiries pertaining to Doctors-Look, what it's all about, its specialities, the accuracy of its gathered information, and so forth.
The Official FAQ for Users
Why should you use enables you, the visitor, to see useful and beneficial information about doctors, medicine, diseases, and medical conditions all in one gigantic wellspring of medical knowledge. This extensive database specifically includes data about doctors that have been provided by real medical professionals themselves, and this content may even be edited, customized, or amended to ensure that they're always nearly current, accurate, and up-to-date.
Doctors-Look is among the most complete and all-inclusive sources of independent yet practical information about doctors, patients, medical conditions, drugs, and state-of-the-art treatments presently available. This information is acquired through publicly available records or from additional data provided by the healthcare specialists and medical professionals themselves.
What will tell you?
Using Doctors-Look will inform you which doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, and healthcare specialists are available in your area or any other place you choose to search for; if you're aware of the medical speciality you want to inquire about further, then you may limit your search and pinpoint which medical professionals you want to find.
If you also know the name and basic contract details of a given doctor, then you may use Doctors-Look to search with or double-check the info you have on hand. You may also use the website to browse through any possible additional information that has been made available by the doctors you're looking for (e.g., updated addresses, changed phone numbers, extra phone numbers, other clinics they go to, and so forth).
How do you ensure the accuracy of the information found in
The huge cache of information found in the Doctors-Look site typically originates from the doctors themselves; as such, it's impossible for the staff, crew, employees, officers, and directors to examine, dissect, and ascertain the veracity of each and every last piece of data available in the website in pinpoint detail. Even if our workforce were to work round-the-clock to sort everything out, it'll still not be enough to ensure 100% accuracy of every last bit of info that's submitted to the site.
We don't claim to ensure that any information we possess is completely accurate, we don't provide any sort of recommendation, and we make no remarks at all on any of the doctors who provide us with medical content or contact information. This webpage merely handles information from registered doctors from the General Medical Council. Before making any rash decisions, it's best that you check and double-check the information for yourself.
What are specialities (in the context of the medical field)?
Whatever kind of work a doctor specializes in is considered a speciality. There are doctors who are educated in multiple disciplines and specialities as well. If you are uncertain in regards to what speciality you need to talk or inquire about, there are a multitude of websites out there that will help you pin down and identify what you're looking for in particular. For example, a doctor's specialization may range from allergist to urologist, alternative medicine to toxicologist, anesthesiologist to therapist, or audiologist to surgeon.
If you're still doubtful, dubious, or unsure that you've gotten the relevant speciality you're searching for, you may use the searching capabilities to further assist on your searching endeavors; in particular, it should help you identify all the healthcare and medical professionals within your area, which can in turn assist you in narrowing down your search. You might also want to look at the Doctors-Look search help page to get you started.
What else should you do before contacting a specialist?
Before deciding to contact a specialist, you first need to visit a general practitioner around your area to get some professional advice from them. You can never be too careful, and you should be well prepared before contacting a consultant. After all, it's perfectly within your rights (with some limitations) to pick which consultant you'll end up with, but this must be executed through your general practitioner first and foremost before any decision is made. If you wish to see a general practitioner or specialist in private, you should first contact them directly and ask for their advice face-to-face.
If your inquiry concerns a general practitioner, then it's recommended that you directly contact surgery and ask for info about the practice as well as how you may register with them too. The vast majority of practices will have information regarding the entire registration procedure readily available for your perusal. Many private and government hospitals offer info about their consultants, and if that's not enough, there are a variety of information sites available on the worldwide web that can help you with your inquiries.
The Official FAQ for Doctors
Where has the information about doctors come from?
The information found within was collected from publicly available sources found all over the Internet. Doctors themselves may add information that they control, after they've registered with the site. After registration, doctors may manage what appears on the database as far as their own respective entry is concerned. The staff and crew cannot edit these entries any further, and your entry cannot be modified by anyone else except you, the registrant.
How can you find out if you're included on the database?
By entering your name and speciality into the homepage search box, you'll readily determine whether or not you have an entry on If you desire to have an entry on our extensive database for the sake of adding more online exposure for you and your practice, all you need to do is signup and register one.
How can you register on
Registration is fairly simple, and the registration process itself is a straightforward step-by-step procedure that you don't need a walkthrough or tutorial to finish. Just fill the form on Register Page by providing your e-mail, password, and the security code captcha. From there, you'll be providing contact and business information that proves you're a doctor, because we'll only reply to registered healthcare professionals. We will send your User ID and password after registration is through. Once you complete registration, you're free to enhance or edit your entry as you please.
How can you add additional information to your entry?
Adding additional contact information such as other locations, mobile phone numbers, landline numbers, and so forth is quite easy and straightforward after you've registered yourself with Just enter Login Page. You can add as much extra info as you believe is necessary; it's all at your jurisdiction and behest. You may even deliver a link to your own personal webpage or website if you happen to have one. The sky is the limit when it comes to the amount of content you can offer, but obviously, you need to be prudent with what sort of info you have to offer, because excessive text may be difficult for visitors and patients-to-be to handle. Keep your entry robust yet concise.
What should you do if the information shown about you is erroneous?
Registering and modifying your entry is the most straightforward way of handling wrong information, redundant entries, and so forth. Just keep in mind that by registering with us, you're limited to make corrections to everything except your name and the number given to you by your respective state's regulatory board of doctors. If you have any other issues and dilemmas, then you're required to contact us directly by the Contacts Page.
What should you do if you notice information on a colleague of yours is erroneous?
Contact your colleague and recommend to them to register to the Doctors-Look website in order to modify their entry and correct any and all errors located there. However, if you're unable to do this for any reason and you believe the error is quite grave, then you may contact us through the list of contact methods outlined in the Contacts Page for further and timely assistance in fixing this problem.
The Official FAQ for Privacy
Is Doctors-Look giving your email address to anyone?
Doctors-Look doesn't sell, lease, or rent Personally Identifiable Information about its members or users for any reason. We at Doctors-Look take security and privacy issues quite seriously, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.
Can you use Doctors-Look without revealing your Personally Identifiable Information?
Yes, you may use Doctors-Look without divulging your personal information. The Doctors-Look website can be viewed and accessed without the need for registration, for example. Furthermore, its vast library of health information and its extensive doctor database is readily accessible for browsing without you ever revealing any Personally Identifiable Information at all. Rest assured that there will never come a moment when we'll capture your Personally Identifiable Information without your knowledge.
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