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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. We at Doctors-Look are implementing all possible measures in keeping all your private data safe. We gather a limited amount of your personal data in order to serve you better. This Privacy Policy states what we do with your data and how we keep it secure. We encourage you to examine this Privacy Policy thoroughly.
Section 1: About This Privacy Policy
The Doctors-Look website knows how crucial the personal information and privacy of its visitors are. This Privacy Policy was specifically made to tell users what info the site collects about them and their use of Doctors-Look services. It should also explain the visitors' choices in regards to how their personal info is utilized and how the website protects all that data. People who visit this site are urged to carefully read this Privacy Policy in its entirety.
This Privacy Policy applies to, including the mobile-optimized version of this site. The Doctors-Look website has links that lead to other websites. When you enter a different website (either through a content, advertisement, or service link), you are solely responsible for knowing the Privacy Policy of those websites. We urge you to read the Privacy Policy of the websites that you visit through a link in Doctors-Look.
Reference to "Doctors-Look" means Doctors-Look, LLC, which includes any subsidiary or company that Doctors-Look, LLC has control over or owns. On the other hand, "Doctors-Look websites" include any website that Doctors-Look controls or owns, including mobile-optimized versions of the site. Doctors-Look could share info among the websites it owns or controls as well as its subsidiaries, but this info is always protected under the Privacy Policy's terms.
Section 2: Using
You may use some functions of Doctors-Look without being signed in as a Member. However, most of the tools and services in our website require sign-in. If you use the Doctors-Look website without signing in, the only data we will collect are non- personal (i.e., data that cannot be traced back to any person nor be used to identify a person) through Cookies or Web Beacons.
If you register as a Member at the Doctors-Look website, we will ask you to provide Personally Identifiable Data. You are responsible for guaranteeing that the details that you provide are accurate as these will be used for your own benefit while using the services of our website. You are responsible for guaranteeing the preciseness of your Personal Health Information and/or Personally Identifiable Information that you submit to Doctors-Look.
The Doctors-Look website may contain links to other pages. After you go through another website via a content link, service, or advertisement, you should be aware that Doctors-Look isn't responsible for these other sites' privacy practices. It's recommended that for each and every website you visit through a link or advertisement found in Doctors-Look, you should review their respective policies in privacy.
If you provide inaccurate information, it will likely affect the data you'll get when using our website and tools as well as our ability to contact you as outlined in this Privacy Policy. For instance, if your e-mail address is false, nonexistent, or not current, it'll be hard for the website to contact or communicate with you.
Section 3: The Non-Personal Information We May Collect From Visitors
Even without registering with Doctors-Look, we reserve the right to collect Non-Personal Information about your use of our newsletters, special promotions, and website in general.
A. Cookies
We at Doctors-Look gather Non-Personal Information about your use of the website and the utilization of websites of our advertisers and sponsors through the usage of Cookies. Every computer that visits is given a different Cookie by the website. The information that cookies collect help us generate web content and advertising in a dynamic manner for our web pages or newsletters, determine how many people open our e-mails, know how many people use our website and selected advertisers' and sponsors' sites, and understand the reasons behind our users' actions.
B. Web Beacons
Web Beacons may also be used by Doctors-Look to acquire Non-Personal Information about a visitor's use of our website, web services, promotions, newsletters, and the websites of our selected advertisers and sponsors. The info gathered by Web Beacons will allow us to create web dynamic content and advertising for our web pages or newsletters, ascertain or monitor how many people open our e-mails, discover how many people utilize our website and selected advertisers' and sponsors' sites, and comprehend the reasons behind our visitors' actions. Furthermore, we may also use Web Beacons and Cookies to deploy advertisements on our website based on areas that you've visited during the same session.
C. Third Parties Gathering Non-Personal Information on Behalf of Doctors-Look
Third parties that have contracts with Doctors-Look may use their own Web Beacons or Cookies to gather Non-Personal Information about your use of Doctors-Look's website and its services. They may utilize this info on Doctors-Look's behalf to help us provide our ads on other websites on the worldwide web based on a given visitor's browsing activities on our site. What's more, we'll categorize in terms of general health and wellness any online or browsing activity on our website used to assist in delivering these advertisements (e.g., fitness and skincare or diet and nutrition).
Categorization will not be on the basis that's specific to any medical disease, condition, or situation. Doctors-Look may also customize the advertising on these third party sites based on info such as age range, gender, geographic location in the form of a zip code, and so forth. These third parties have agreed to only use the collected Non-Personal Information for the sake of advertisement delivery on Doctors-Look behalf as well. If your browser is set to delete or reject cookies, then your Non-Personal Information will not be given to these third parties for the use of advertisement delivery.
Section 4: Personally Identifiable Information We May Collect From Our Visitors
Doctors-Look may gather Personally Identifiable Information such as your name, zip code, date of birth, e-mail address, and the like whenever you register as a member of and/or whenever you update your personal details on your existing member profile. This information is mostly used for the sake of
A. E-mails and Newsletters
Whenever you use or register at, you'll be provided the choice of acquiring a regularly published newsletter made for promotional or informational purposes through you e-mail address by Doctors-Look and/or straight from certain third parties. Rest assured that these e-mails will not contain any of your Personal Health Information.
Furthermore, you may choose to receive extra Doctors-Look or sponsored promotional e-mails at your own behest every time you signup for e-mail newsletters. Whenever you subscribe to Doctors-Look e-mail newsletters, you're required to give out contact info like your e-mail address or name. You're also free to unsubscribe from the newsletters by following the instructions outlined at the bottom of each e-mailed newsletter you receive.
B. E-mails Sent to
This Privacy Policy doesn't cover to inventions, concepts, ideas, business information, and other similar content that people send to via e-mail. If you want to keep such information and data private or propriety, it is your responsibility to make sure that you don't send them in any and all e-mails you send to Doctors-Look. Also keep in mind that even though we try our best to answer every e-mail we receive within 2 business days or 48 business hours, the sheer volume of e-mail we receive prevents us from doing so on each and every instance.
C. E-mailing a Friend
Whenever you use our E-mail a Friend service to inform people you know about our newsletter or website, we'll be asking you your name, your e-mail address, and the e-mail addresses of people you know. We'll also send the people you referred to us a one-time invite for him to go to the Doctors-Look site using your name and address as the "from" part of the message. Doctors-Look will not utilize you and your friends' respective e-mail addresses or other contact information for any other reason aside from those outlined above.
D. Public Forums Such As Health Communities and Blogs
Doctors-Look showcases a number of community areas and similar public forums where our users with common interests or similar medical problems and conditions may share information and help each other. They may also use these forums for the sake of posting questions for our experts to answer as well. also feature discussions that are moderated by healthcare or medical specialists.
Our online communities are open for public viewing and access, so they shouldn't be considered private in the least. Therefore, any and all information shared on online communities (which includes Personal Health Information and Personally Identifiable Information) is open and public by design, so it's not at all covered by this Privacy Policy. Be prudent when posting info on these public forums.