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Terms & Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions of use for the Doctors-Look website. Please read the following information carefully. Doctors-Look and its associates provide services that are subject to the following conditions. If you visit or use the services provided by the Doctors-Look website, you must accept these conditions first and foremost.
Section 1: Doesn't Provide Medical Advice
You shouldn't disregard professional medical advice or delay treatment just because of what you've seen, read, or discovered within the Doctors-Look website! The Doctors-Look website's content, which includes information, images, graphics, and text acquired by Doctors-Look licensors (plus other material included on the site) are all provided for informational purposes only. The website may also contain sexually explicit material related to health-related topics. If you find such content offensive, you may want to refrain from visiting the Doctors-Look site.
This content isn't intended to serve as a replacement or substitute for licensed and certified medical treatment, diagnosis, or even advice. It's always best for you to get your doctor's advice first and foremost (or, barring that, the advice of any other qualified healthcare professional) in regards to queries regarding your medical condition. Whenever you're faced with an emergency, it's highly recommended that you call 911 or your doctor as quickly as possible.
Doctors-Look doesn't endorse or recommend any particular opinions, procedures, products, physicians, tests, or other related material that might be mentioned or contained within the Doctors-Look website. Depending on such info offered by Doctors-Look, its employees, other people who appear on the website at Doctors-Look's invitation, or other users of the website should solely be done under your own risk and jurisdiction.
Section 2: Regarding the Rules on Children's Privacy
The privacy of children is of the utmost importance to Doctors-Look is committed to protecting children's privacy. This website is definitely not designed or intended for the viewing of children who are below the age of 13 years old. More importantly, we don't gather the Personally Identifiable Information of any person we actually know is a child that's below the age of 13 years old.
Section 3: Content Usage
Doctors-Look allows visitors to download or view a single copy of the content found within the Doctors-Look website for noncommercial or personal use only once you include copyright and propriety right notices that are contained in the content, specifically the following copyright notice: "Copyright ©2011, LLC. All rights reserved." Any special guidelines or rules for the usage of certain software, items, services, and the like from may be included elsewhere within the website and are referenced in these Terms and Conditions.
The material and content of Doctors-Look is protected by copyright under both foreign and United States laws. This content remains with Doctors-Look or its licensors. Any use of this content that's not specifically allowed by these Terms and Conditions is considered a violation of these Terms and Conditions, which in turn infringes trademark, copyright, and many other laws. The material and features of Doctors-Look are subject to change or removal without prior notice at Doctors-Look's sole editorial preference.
All rights not specifically granted in these Terms and Conditions are reserved to Doctors-Look and its licensors. If you breach or violate any of these Terms and Conditions, your permission to use the Doctors-Look website's content is automatically terminated and you must without delay destroy any copies you've made of any part of portion of the Doctors-Look website's content.
Section 4: Liability of
You agree that usage of the features and services of Doctors-Look must be done at your own risk. When utilizing the content of, information will be delivered over a channel that may be beyond the jurisdiction and authority of Doctors-Look and its licensors. As such, Doctors-Look assumes no accountability, liability, and legal responsibility for or related to the corruption, interruption, failure, or delay of any data or other info broadcast in connection with the use of
The Doctors-Look website and its content are offered on an "as is" basis. DOCTORS-LOOK, ITS SUPPLIERS, AND ITS LICENSORS, TO THE UTMOST EXTENT ALLOWABLE BY THE LAW, DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES, STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE INDIRECT WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, NON-INFRINGEMENT OF THIRD PARTIES' RIGHTS, AND SUITABILITY FOR A SPECIFIC GOAL. Without limiting the previous, Doctors-Look, its suppliers, and its licensors make no warranties or representation in regards to the following:
1.The timeliness, up-to-dateness, comprehensiveness, dependability, or accuracy of the content, communications, links, graphics, text, services, or software offered on or via the usage of the Doctors-Look website or Doctors-Look in general.
2.The promulgation and fulfillment of any government laws that require full information disclosure on prescription medicines or the authorization or fulfillment of any software programs with regard to Doctors-Look content.
In no way, shape, or form shall Doctors-Look, its suppliers, its licensors, or any third parties mentioned on the Doctors-Look website be held accountable for any damages (including and no limited to damages resulting from business interruption or loss of data, lost profits, personal injury or wrongful death, and consequential or incidental damages) ensuing from the usage or failure of usage of the or its content, whether derived from tort, contract, or any other legal theory, and whether or not Doctors-Look, its suppliers, its licensors, or any third parties mentioned on the Doctors-Look website are informed of the possibility of such damages.
Doctors-Look, its suppliers, its licensors, or any third parties mentioned on the Doctors-Look website shall only be held liable and legally answerable only to the extent of the actual damages brought upon yourself, not to exceed U.S. $1,000. Doctors-Look, its suppliers, its licensors, or any third parties mentioned on the Doctors-Look website are to not be held responsible for any personal injury, which includes death, caused by a visitor's usage or misusage of the Doctors-Look website, its content, or its Public Areas, which includes blogs, message boards, user reviews of drug information, or any other member communities.
Any claims that may arise in connection with the use of the Doctors-Look website, its content, or its public areas must be brought into attention within a year of the date of the event that gave rise to such action that happened. Remedies under these Terms and Conditions are limited to and exclusive to those specifically outlined in these Terms and Conditions.
Section 5: User Submissions on
All personal information submitted by you to is covered and managed by the Doctors-Look Privacy Policy. This agreement shall push through to the extent that there's a discrepancy or inconsistency between the Doctors-Look Privacy Policy and this Agreement. You, the visitor and user of, hereby agree that you will not transmit or upload any content or communications of any type the Doctors-Look website, its content, or its Public Areas that violate or breaches any rights of any party.
By delivering content or communications to the aforementioned public areas, you consent that such deliveries are considered public and non-confidential for all intents and purposes. If you make any such submissions, you basically consent that you'll not transmit or sent to by e-mail, which includes the listed e-mail address on the Contact Us page, any content or communication that violates or infringes any rights of any party. If you send any invention, concept, idea, or business information to by e-mail, you'll permit that such content is deemed non-confidential and public for all intents and purposes as well.
A. Image, Video, and Audio Files
To protect your privacy, you agree to only upload or post Media, which includes audio, photos, or videos, that you've taken yourself or that you have all rights to send and license that don't infringe on privacy, copyright, trademark, or any other rights of any other person or business entity. Videos or photos of cartoon, comic, or celebrity images are typically copyrighted by the owner. You also consent to not submitting any media that has Personally Identifiable Information, which includes name, website URL, e-mail address, or phone number of yourself or anyone else. Uploading media like video or images of other people without their express permission is forbidden.
The uploading of media like audio, photo, or video will grant Doctors-Look a continual, royalty-free, worldwide, and non-exclusive license to transmit, distribute, post, publish, modify, reproduce, display, print, copy, and use the media and any other content or material included within the media. This also grants authorization from any people or person contained within the submitted media (or, if a minor, the authorization from his/her legal guardian/parent) for Doctors-Look to transmit, distribute, post, publish, modify, reproduce, display, print, copy media and any other content or material included within the media. Finally, you agree to indemnify Doctors-Look and its employees, officers, directors, and affiliates as well as hold them free of responsibility for any and all expenses and claims, which includes lawyer fees arising from the media and/or your failure to fulfill with these terms and conditions described herein.