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Wyoming MD

Name: Dr. Dan
Last name: Ivankovich

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
Orthopedic Surgeon

Working place:
Jackson Park Hospital
Kindred Chicago Central Hospital
Kindred Hospital Chicago
Kindred Hospital Chicago North
Loretto Hospital
Norwegian American Hospital
Rush North Shore Medical Center, Skokie, Il
Saint Mary Of Nazareth Hospital
South Shore Hospital
United States / Illinois / Chicago

Address: 1658 North Milwaukee Avenue, #302
Zipcode: 60647

Phone: 773-675-9900
Fax: 800-281-6952
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4.43 ( 3 reviews )

rate: 4.33
punctuality: 3.67
courtesy: 4.5
knowledge: 5
helpness: 4.67

GPS: -87.653367, 41.923621

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Autor: Lou    Data: 2014-03-22 17:10:43
Had a great experience with Dr. Ivankovich. I needed spine surgery, and he was very hands on and caring. Surgery was extremely successful. all : 4.75
punctuality: 4
courtesy: 5
knowledge: 5
helpness: 4

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Autor:    Data: 2009-06-22
Very nice. Took the time to explain my problems and all options of treatment. Have sent friends and family to him.  all : 4.88
punctuality: 4
courtesy: 4
knowledge: 5
helpness: 5

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Autor:    Data: 2007-03-29
Not recomended
excellent bed side manner  all : 3
punctuality: 3
courtesy: -
knowledge: 5
helpness: 5

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