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Wyoming MD

Name: Jerad
Last name: Widman

Family Physician

Working place:
Spring Hill Family Medicine
United States / Kansas / Spring Hill

Address: 22450 S Harrison St Ste 100
Zipcode: 66083-8882

Phone: 9135922720


3.8 ( 3 reviews )

rate: 4
punctuality: 3.67
courtesy: 4.33
knowledge: 3.33
helpness: 3.67

GPS: -94.808736, 38.732116

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Autor:    Data: 2010-02-12
I have been a diabetic for 32 years and have seen a fair number of doctors. Dr. Widman is, by far, the most capable, honest, straight forward, and Godly physician I have ever been associated with. Every time I have seen Dr. Widman I am assured that he will have the answer for my condition. He listens to my problem, asks the right questions, and does not try to treat symptoms with medications that are not needed. Dr. Widman and his staff are very professional and courteous. I feel very comfortable in his office. I recommended him to others on numerous occasions.  all : 5
punctuality: 5
courtesy: 5
knowledge: 5
helpness: 5

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Autor:    Data: 2009-10-10
He and staff has always gone out of their way to help our family.  all : 4.75
punctuality: 4
courtesy: 5
knowledge: 4
helpness: 5

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Autor:    Data: 2009-03-10
Not recomended
I switched to this doctor because he was closer than my old GP. Big mistake. He misdiagnosed a condition and put me on some noxious medication that interacted with another medication I was on. I went back several times to get treated for this new condition that he caused. He couldnt figure it out and the interaction caused an injury that put me in the hospital. I went back to my old doctor.  all : 1.69
punctuality: 2
courtesy: 3
knowledge: 1
helpness: 1

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