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Wyoming MD

Name: Brandi
Last name: Wilson

Obstetrician Gynecologist

Working place:
Private practice
United States / Kansas / Kansas City

Address: 8919 Parallel Pkwy Ste 580
Zipcode: 66112-1655


3.8 ( 2 reviews )

rate: 4
punctuality: 3.5
courtesy: 3
knowledge: 4.5
helpness: 4

GPS: -94.761266, 39.114713

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Autor:    Data: 2009-10-09
Dr. Wilson was not my scheduled Dr. but she delivered my son. My son was breech but we did not know until I was already pushing. Dr. Wilson let me do what I felt I needed to do while pushing. She never told me to quit screaming - she just let me do what I needed. She was very calm and I felt like it was really MY delivery. I have since switched so she is my official doctor now.  all : 3.88
punctuality: 3
courtesy: 3
knowledge: 4
helpness: 4

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Autor:    Data: 2008-11-20
Dr. Wilson really knows her stuff. We went there looking for answers about our infertility. She was so happy to help, very thorough, very compassionate, informative. If you\'re looking for some stats she\'s there to give them to you. We\'re not preg yet but she\'s really helping to get us there. Her staff can be a bit snippy. I have found that there is one nurse especially this way. I have to pull answers out of her. I will be talking to Dr Wilson about this on my next visit. No nurse should be that way.  all : 4.13
punctuality: 4
courtesy: 3
knowledge: 5
helpness: 4

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