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Wyoming MD

Name: Jerome
Last name: French


Working place:
Private practice
United States / Kansas / Wichita

Address: 310 S Hillside St
Zipcode: 67211-2129

Phone: 316-684-2838
Fax: 316-684-3326


3.23 ( 4 reviews )

rate: 3.25
punctuality: 3.25
courtesy: 3.67
knowledge: 3
helpness: 3

GPS: -97.314775, 37.667341

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Autor:    Data: 2011-01-22
Dr. French seemed ver competent and caring. His communication skills were not the best.  all : 4.88
punctuality: 4
courtesy: 4
knowledge: 5
helpness: 5

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Autor:    Data: 2010-02-20
I felt very creeped out by this doctor. He touched my hair and neck a little too much. My womans intuition told me to beware. Didn\'t want to go back, but had a semi-emergency and he told me my problem would be resolved by putting a tube in my ear. I told him that he had just put a tube in my ear several months before. He didn\'t even read my chart! I will be finding a new ear, nose, throat person. I am curious to know if I am the only woman to feel very uncomfortable with this Dr.  all : 3.69
punctuality: 5
courtesy: 4
knowledge: 3
helpness: 3

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Autor:    Data: 2009-02-19
Not recomended
I was a patient of his from \'06-9/08. I was to have surgery to remove "polyps" from my right sinus in 6/08. It was delayed to check a heart concern. His office never contacted me to reschedule after the heart Dr\'s report in July. In 9/08 I called his office for a refill on phenergan/codeine cough syrup, it had been 1 year since he gave me a prescription. They said get it from your family Dr. I had none but why would they prescribe a med for a sinus problem? He couldn\'t trust me enough to provide cough syrup and expected that I\'d trust him to do surgery? He also had told me there was no reason that the phenergan would clear my nasal passages that it was only for nausea.Research said it\'s an antihistime. Saw another Dr who told me (after an x-ray) the "polyps" don\'t really exist. That surgery only clears out the dried up/built up mucus and must be repeated. This Dr is thinning the mucus w iodide and will BLOOD test for allergies. French did skin test & chemical drops making me sick.  all : 1.88
punctuality: 2
courtesy: 3
knowledge: 1
helpness: 2

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Autor:    Data: 2006-10-16
Not recomended
I had sinus surgery with this doctor. The follow up was not good. My sinuses are worse now then before surgery.  all : 2
punctuality: 2
courtesy: -
knowledge: 3
helpness: 2

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