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Wyoming MD

Name: Emerson
Last name: Reid

Obstetrician Gynecologist

Working place:
Sheehan Memorial Hospital, Buffalo, Ny
Sisters Of Charity Hospital Of, Buffalo, Ny
United States / New York / Buffalo

Address: 1832 Main St
Zipcode: 14208-1119

Phone: 716-885-7088
Fax: 716-885-7089


Dr. Reid is a Fellow of the American College of Ob-Gyn, and is a . He specializes in General Obstetrics & Gynecology, Infertility, and
provides General Preventive Healthcare for Women. He received his BS and MD
degrees from Howard University, Washington, DC. He did his residency in Ob-Gyn
at Sisters Hospital, Buffalo, NY. He has been in private practice in Buffalo,
NY for over 41 years.

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5 ( 2 reviews )

rate: 5
punctuality: 5
courtesy: 5
knowledge: 5
helpness: 5

GPS: -78.851613, 42.912922

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Autor:    Data: 2010-07-27
Dr. Reid is fantastic! He delivered me, my son and many other family members of mine. He has great bedside manners and always makes you feel comfortable. He is the ONLY doctor I know that gets you in and out. Never have had to wait long periods of time to be seen. The secretary is also a very nice lady! Definintely without a doubt would recommend Dr. Reid!  all : 5
punctuality: 5
courtesy: 5
knowledge: 5
helpness: 5

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Autor:    Data: 2009-03-20
Been going to this doc for 30 years..delivered my son..always caring and professional. Able to get an appointment when needed and doesn\'t take up my whole day!  all : 5
punctuality: 5
courtesy: 5
knowledge: 5
helpness: 5

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